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F-111 C/C:
Anyone going to Farnborough this year (actually starts today I think)?

Why/For what?

Are you paying?  ;)

F-111 C/C:
I just read that overall sales at Farnborough 2010 are 3 times what Paris was in 2009! Boeing and Airbus had over $28b in sales alone!!!

I wasn't planning on ordering any, so...

Nah, seriously, Farnborough like Paris is a (primarily commercial aviation) trade show, so it's not high on my list. F-22 & A400M look good and their displays were well-received at RIAT Fairford last weekend, and always nice to see A380, B-52, Vulcan, Typhoon and Super Hornet. M-346 somewhat interesting. But that's about it, military-wise. The Pakistani JF-17 attending got me thinking, but I decided not to go this year.

I should have gone to RIAT10 to catch the F-22 and A400M, seeing other people's results... and how beautiful the weather was on Saturday... a missed opportunity.  :(

Yeah, A320/737s selling like hot cakes. And even the Russians are getting orders in. Finally things are getting better after 2 years of disappointing sales numbers.

Military orders, well, not much yet, right?
Embraer: LOI for 28 KC-390s for Brazilian Air Force (this was coming anyway, lol)

Sikorsky: 3 (+12 option) S-70i (+ 12 S-70D option) BlackHawks by Saudi Ministry of Interior
AgustaWestland: 6 AW139 for Japanese coast guard

BTW: A400M has been called Grizzly


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