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Flares banned


Hello guys,

A very sad decision has been made for UK air shows. Flares can not
be used anymore during air shows. Which will also affect the RNLAF
and BAF F-16AM. Hopefully this will not affect the Dutch or any other
airshow in Europe. The following was said during a meeting.

At the recent DASC Pre-season flying display symposium, it was announced that all flare releases have been outlawed. This decision was made as the manufacturers of the flare systems could not be certain that no debris would reach the ground following release. Any such debris could prove to be harzardous to persons and aircraft below.

Some of the most prominant users of flares at airshow have been written to by the UK MoD asking them not to employ flares at UK shows. At the symposium, it was also confirmed that this regulation affected the coastal airshows as well as those held over airfields.

Regards, Ramon  :-\

Argh, I never managed to get a good 'flares' shot. And now they're stopping their use already. Sad  :'(

bad news :-\ even though I've never been to an airshow, pictures of falres are just fantastic!

Well i know when we despatch an aircraft with flares fitted its classed as armed, you have a lot of procedures with parking ,safety men etc etc its a hassle , and in the UK here we are pretty picky about everything Health and Safety these days.


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