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Flying Legends (Duxford, GB)


Hello all,

Every year the best organised airshow I have attended over the years, is coming close. Just a couple of days, and the sound of roaring and smoking  piston engines can be heard over the historic airfield Duxford. Also recently released are a couple, of the over 50 participants for this year. With some more highly interesting aircraft just released (22:00 LT - 07-July-2010)

» 10 Spitfires (Mk1 through Mk XIX)
» 2 Sea Furies
» BBMF Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane
» A-26 Invader
» DC-3 Dakota
» Breitling Wing Walkers
» Mew Gull
» Miles Magister
» Arrow Active
» Piper Cub pair
» Hispano HA-1112 Buchon
» Gloster Gladiator
» Westland Lysander
» Lufthansa Pair (JU-52 & Me-108 B-1)
» Yak’s (Yak-3 UA)
» P-51 Mustang’s
» Skyraiders

Update 07-July-2010:

» I-16 Rata
» Yak 50
» Grumman F8F-2P Bearcat

Regards, Ramon

I-16 Rata  ;D that's one funny looking thing! Cool to see it in the list.

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