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Flying Legends 2009

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Time I did a post dedicated to Mustangs Ramon.

Hello all,

Made available today, the official participants list for "Flying Legends 2009"  ;D

North American P-51 Mustangs
P-51D-25 Mustang 44-72917 – Rob Davies
P-51D-25 Mustang 44-73149 – Old Flying Machine Company
P-51D-25 Mustang 44-73877 – Scandinavian Historic Flight
P-51D-30 Mustang 44-74427 – Christian Amara
TF-51D-25 Mustang 44-84847 – The Fighter Collection
Cavalier F-51D Mustang 44-10753a – Biltema

Vickers-Supermarine Spitfires
Spitfire F IIA P7350 – Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
Spitfire F VB BM597 – Historic Aircraft Collection
Spitfire F IX MH434 – The Old Flying Machine Company
Spitfire F IXE PL344 – Historic Flying Ltd
Spitfire LF XVIE TD248 – Spitfire Ltd
Spitfire F XVIII SM845 – Biltema
Spitfire PR XIX PS890 – Corsair Warbirds
Seafire F XVII SX336 – Kennet Aviation

Hawker Hurricanes
Hurricane I R4118 – Peter Vacher
Hurricane IIC PZ865 – Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
Hurricane XII RCAF 5711 – Historic Aircraft Collection
Sea Hurricane IB Z7105 – The Shuttleworth Trust

Yak Fighters
Yak-3UA 0470107 – Chris Vogelgesang  ;D
Yak-3U 170101 – Alain Capel
Yak-9UM 0470406 – P Boschung
Yak-9UM 0917918-The Air Fighter Academy  ;D

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress
B-17G-85 Flying Fortress 44-8846 – Association Fortresse Toujours Volant en France

North American B-25 Mitchell
B-25D-30 Mitchell 43-3318/KL161 – Vulcan Warbirds
B-25J-20 Mitchell 44-29507 – RNAF Historical Flight
B-25J-35 Mitchell 45-8811 – SDPA

Douglas A-1 Skyraiders
AD-4NA Skyraider BuNo 126933 – Kennet Aviation  >:D
AD-4NA Skyraider BuNo 124143 – Jean Salis  >:D

Piper J-3C-65 Cubs
J-3C-65 Cub G-AKAZ – Frazerblades
J-3C-65 Cub G-RRSR – R Roberts

Hawker Fury/Sea Fury
Fury ISS 37514 – Frederic Akary
Sea Fury T 20 – USA  ;D

Fokker Dr I replicas
Dr I G-FOKI – M Boddington
Dr I G-CDXR – John Day
Dr I G-BVGZ – The Real Aeroplane Company

Other Participants
C-53D 42-68823 (11750/LN-WND) – Foundation Dakota Norway
Ju 52/3mg2e Wk-Nr 5489 – Lufthansa Traditionsflug
Bf 108 D-EBEI – Lufthansa Traditionsflug
Hind ‘K5414’ – The Shuttleworth Trust  ;D
Swordfish I W5856 – Royal Navy Historic Flight
HA-1112-M1L Buchón C.4K-102 – Spitfire Ltd
FW 190 (static) – Spitfire Ltd
Lockheed 12A Electra Junior 1287/F-AZLL – Bernard Chabbert  ;D
Thulin A/Blériot XI – Mikael Carlson
1-131E Jungmann G-BSAJ – Anna Walker
Lancaster B I PA474 – Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
Morane D-3801 J-143 – Association Morane Charlie-Fox
Caudron C.460 Rafale replica – Thomas W Wathen
Nieuport 17/23 replica G-BWMJ – Bob Gauld-Galliers
Gladiator I L8032 – The Shuttleworth Trust
P-40N Warhawk 42-105915 – Christian Amara
Nimrod II K3661 – Historic Aircraft Collection
YC-43 Traveller N295BS – E Boschoff
Lysander IIIA V9552 – The Shuttleworth Trust  ;D
The Aerostars Team

Great line-up, with three B-25 Mitchell, and the "Horseman".
However no metion about the "local" TFC aircraft, as mentioned
by me in the first post of this thread...  :(

Really looking forward to this one.

Regards, Ramon

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