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Le bourget 2007 and sukhoi

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This year, for financial reasons, Sukhoi will not make demonstration flights at Le Bourget. The flight to Le Bourget and back, deployment at the airport there and demonstration flights (up to three per day) cost too much for the company. Sukhoi is not going to spend money in Europe, where its planes are not in demand,
There will be another aerobatic team from Russia this time, presenting MiG's multi-role thrust-vectoring fighter, the MiG-29OVT, also called the MiG-35 Fulcrum F.

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RIA Novosti - June 4th, 2007

No Sukhoi aircraft, only scale models.

Hello all,

To have the largest change to see a Sukhoi of any kind this year in Europe are:

Two Indian SU-30MKI Flankers.
RIAT Fairford 2007:


A not known amount of "Sukhoi" aircrafts from Russia.
Koksijde Defencedays:

Regards, Ramon  :D

The only place in Europe were you can expect to see Sukhoi's company jets and flight demonstrations, will probably be MAKS Moscow in August.

Sukhoi will not make demonstration flights at Le Bourget.

According to this attached link only the Mig-35 will be flying to cut cost.


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