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Le bourget 2007 and sukhoi

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Hello for all,i am a new member  :)
I have a question,Sukhoi is going to Le Bourget 2007 with a plane,specially fighters su 27sk or 30mk?
Thanyou,and sorry my poor english.
Regards from spain. :D

Welcome to the forum Stirillas!

Im sorry that i cant answer your question, but im very sure of that some other member can provide you with the correct answer.  :)

thanyou,viggen,i m going to le bourget airshow and I have the hope of see again the sukhoi figthers.

Regards :)

Buena Suerte en el show aereo!! Me encantaria estar ahi, pero vivo muy lejos, en Argentina...

Podrias sacar algunas fotos para nsotros, los pobres? :P ;D

ok  ::) :P what are you saying  :P ;D


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