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RAF Fairford, UK.,

Well if you have an Italian ID card or pasport, you don't need a visa for any EU member countries. For some other countries, such as Turkey, you can buy your visa when entering the country if you're a EU citizen. Won't be a problem until you go to Africa or Russia. Many EU countries also have open borders, but you still need to have ID on you, especially when travelling by air/international waters. Well good luck planning your trip, maybe we'll see eachother at some air show, whether here in the Netherlands, or some other country.

Thanks a lot for the info provided!

Isn't it going to be a Meeting d'l Air or something like that? there was one in 2006..

Hello Globetrotter!

There will be an international airshow in St. Gallen on 22-24 August:
Here you can find the French airshow dates: (note: the Avord airshow exact date is 13 July)

Thanks for info, mate!

I believe this is a very good thing to have if you are planning any airshow-hunting :P

hopes it helps you as it helped me :D


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