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I was planning togo to Europe in 2008, so I said, well, if I can attend to any airshow, better!!

DO you know of any being held on june/august 2008??

Thanks in advanced!

RIAT is always somewhere mid-July, it's the biggest one, and probably most expensive, but well worth it if you want to see USAF stuff as well.

It all depends on which countries you want to visit?

That's not stablished yet (which countries I am visiting), but three of them will most certainly be Spain, Switzerland and maybe German countries  It mostly depends on where the big airshows will be held

The only big/real air show in Germany will be ILA 2008 in Berlin, but normally it's in May. It's more of a commercial / trade show. Switzerland isn't really known for air shows either, only the AXALP exercise in October. I don't know about Spain, there are always some beach air shows, I prefer shows at military air bases though. I'll get back to you here when more is known for the 2008 season. The RNLAF open days are pretty big, normally in mid June, this time at Leeuwarden in the north.

I'd focus on RIAT for now though. With some good weather, it will surely be the show of your life so far. I am still working on my photos from the show this year.

But if you like warbirds, go for Duxford - the museum and the Flying Legends air show.

There's no Paris Le Bourget or MAKS in 2008.


--- Quote ---There's no Paris Le Bourget or MAKS in 2008.
--- End quote ---

yep, I knew that :(

Sorry, but where is RIAT gonna be? do you know in which countries I need a visa? Though I have the Italian citizeship so...

Thank you soooooooooo much for your info!!! :D

RNLAF open days are definitely a possibility. I could meet you there if yo´'d like! :)


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