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Question: Giro Aerea di Sicilia


Hello everybody,

I am interested in going to the event "Giro Aerea di Sicilia", at Palermo, Sicilia on 7th Aug in the following link. (Main objective: Frecce Tricolori)

 I checked the Web site of that event, and I couldn't find anything that suggests the Frecce Tricolori coming. At least as far as I can tell... Furthermore, I am not sure if the aerodrome is large enough to accomodate the team.
 Can anyone tell me if the Frecce Tricolori are really coming to that event, and/or if they would be operating from that aerodrome?

I would be grateful for information.
thanks in advance, vermin

Palermo is on the PAN schedule on the official AMI website:

So unless that's for another event on the same day in Palermo, I assumed they are coming.

They probably not land/take off from the aerodrome, but fly out of a nearby airport.

Sorry, I don't have more information.

Thank you Webmaster,

The event name differs in the official site and here, that's why I couldn't be sure...

--- Quote from: Webmaster on May 28, 2011, 11:31:54 PM ---
They probably not land/take off from the aerodrome, but fly out of a nearby airport.

--- End quote ---

It seems there is an airbase of the AMI nearby, so I guess they'll use that. It seems pretty close (in aircraft speed), do you think they'll do their full show except T/O and landing?

thanks, vermin

They also do it this way for the beachfront shows.

I don't know this event, you'd have to write the linked aeroclub for more information. Or maybe more information will follow.

The Sanicole airshow, in Belgium which I do know, is also at a small airfield for leisure flying. For the airshow the teams fly from a nearby airbase, but that doesn't stop them from performing their full displays (had the Red Arrows, Patr. de France, Patr. Suisse, and also the Frecce some years ago, I think).

Thank you webmaster and sorry for the late reply.

The event is not yet on the aerodrome's website, so I guess I would have to check on  it.

Anyway, thanks for your informations!


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