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Questions for the Russkies at MAKS '09

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shawn a:
I'm lucky enough to be going to the MAKS '09 airshow.
Anybody have questions they want asked of particular companies, or photos of anything that might be there?
I'll do my best-going both public days (of course).

Hi shawn a
News and information on Mi-28N
News and information on Yak-130 will it ever get produced
Su-27M real future - will the future Su-35 kill this project
Anything on the Su-24M's, always like that old striker
News and information on Russian air to air missiles
PAK-FA or what ever its called ask if its real look them in the eye as they answer
Anything on Russia's Il-76 & Il-78
Any signed joint production projects with China?
An after show list of signed contracts
Russian UAV's

Thanks a million

shawn a:
Can I call you "F-20"?
Ha Ha!
I'm starting a notebook.
My wife is going to hate me- I'll park her in the grandstands and walk fast all around the show with video turned on, asking everything anyone suggests--Until the flying starts, then it's video time until the flying stops, then, back to the exhibition halls untill the cellphone the tour guides give me rings, and it's time to leave.
Then the same thing the next day.
Hope the weather co-operates!
Shawn A.

Sure call me F-20 maybe my all time favorite aircraft

shawn a:
I'm leaving for Russia in a few days-- any more questions?


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