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Hello guys,

Again some great participants are planned, however are most of
them rumours, and we still have to wait and see. Below a short
list of what is already confirmed, and what the rumours are.

Flying - "Los Halcones" Display team (Chile)
Flying - "Esquadrilla de Fumaca" Display team (Brazil)
Flying - "ASAS de Portugal" Display team (Portugal!!)
Flying - CF-188 Hornet Solo display (Canada)

Flying/Static - USAF F-22 East Coast Display team (USA)
Flying - Avro Vulcan B2 (UK)
Flying - Red Arrows (UK)
Flying - Patrouille Suisse (Switzerland)
Static - C-105A Amazonas (Brazilian C-295M)

With a F-22 in the flying program, is my visit already confirmed.
But if all these rumours come true, well.............. :o :o :o :o

Regards, Ramon

Actually, I don't care too much about the Raptor, but I am so happy to see the Vulcan in flight!  ;D And hopefully they'll fix the ejection seat on the B-52 that is about to fly, before the show day guys, thanks!  >:D

Hello guys,

Today a major official update was presented, with some very, very, very
interesting aircraft's. I divided the list in the confirmed aircraft's and the
"To be Confirmed" aircraft's, and only the most interesting aircrafts. An
official list will soon be on-line on the website of the RIAT.

To be Confirmed:
Flying/Static - B-1B Lancer (USAF)
Flying - F/A-18E/F (x2) Boeing (US Navy)
Flying - MiG-29 2.Vadaszrepulo Szazad 'Dongo' (Hungary)

Static - B-52H - 93 BS, 917th Wing (USAF)
Flying - F-22A (x2) Raptor East Demo Team (USAF)  :o ;D :P
Flying - "Esquadrilla de Fumaca" Display team (Brazil)  :o
Flying - CF-188 Hornet Solo display (Canada)
Flying - "Los Halcones" Display team (Chile)
Static - C-130H Grupo de Aviacion No 10 (Chile)
Static - C-105A Amazonas (Brazilian C-295M)
Flying - JAS-39C Gripen, 21.zTL (Czech Republic)
Flying - Mi-24V (x2) 231.vrl, 23.zVrl (Czech Republic)  ;D
Static - P-3C Orion 28 Squadron (Pakistan)  :o

It is looking already very impressive, everything is of course subjected to last
minute cancellations and operational issues. But when those three "To be
Confirmed" aircraft's, are going to be confirmed, than it is for me already an
awesome and must-see air show. Hope that Boeing chief test pilot Ricardo
Traven is going to fly the US Navy F/A-18E/F Hornet, he rocks......

Regards, Ramon

Hello guys,

And again a display team as nice addition. The list of
displayteams has to be the largest I have ever seen.

For now are confirned:
- Patrouille de France
- Patrouille Suisse
- Red Arrows
- Turkish Stars (Update)
- AAC Blue Eagles
- Esquadrilha da Fumaca
- Escuadrilla de Alta Acrobacia 'Halcones'
- Asas de Portugal
- Brietling Jet Team
- Royal Jordanian Falcons

As I love to see display teams, will this be one of the highlights.

Regards, Ramon

Hello all,

While the scoop of this display team was with the
Biggin Hill airshow, has now also the RIAT confirmed
the participation of the Team "Sarang" from India.

It will be a big-a** airshow.  ;)

Regards, Ramon


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