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RIAT Saturday show Cancelled


Due to heavy rain RIAT is cancelled on Saturday

Saturdays tickets are not valid for Sunday , sound slike a complete cluster fuck there, many will be dissapointed

Official press release by the RIAT folks:

This announcement is really late in the day.  >:( We were already in the bus on our way to Calais. I just got back from the roadtrip across Belgium. What a waste. Really sad and dissapointing for all involved.

:'( I bought a new camera lens in a hurry, especially for this RIAT trip, as my previous one broke down and is being repaired.

Weather is looking good for Sunday, so if the field can dry up a bit tomorrow, maybe the people with a Sunday ticket will get lucky and see the Raptor after all. Ah well, the thing will be around for many years to come. I was also really looking forward to all the RAF anniversary stuff and formations though.  :(

Thanks for posting this here by the way, Mighty!

RIAT Sunday cancelled as well:,1774.0.html


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