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RNLAF Open Days 2009 (Volkel AB)

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Hello guys,

Still very early to start with the participation list, the website of the
"Open Door Days" is not even online... But the first two interesting
'confirmed' participants can start the list for the 2009 airshow.

- Flying - EF-18+ Hornet (Confirmed)  >:D
- Flying - Patrulla Aguila (Confirmed)

My favorite is already in the list.
Regards, Ramon

Also a Hawk T1 from RAF on Open Days !

The solo display or a static?


--- Quote from: Webmaster on February 17, 2009, 04:38:35 PM ---The solo display or a static?

--- End quote ---

Hey Niels,

This is the RAF Hawk T1 Solo Display, from
208(R) Squadron in a nice display color layout.

Regards, Ramon  ;)

Hello all,

And today are also the Turkish Stars confirmed  :D

Regards, Ramon


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