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Russian air show aims high


Russian air show aims high
The distance between France and Russia is more than just half a continent. You can see it in everything from drink (wine vs. vodka) to summer resorts (Cannes vs. Yalta) to political theorists (Rousseau vs. Marx). You can also see it in each country's blockbuster air show.   The biggest event on the aviation industry circuit is the biennial Paris Air Show, the most recent of which took place two months ago. This week, Russia strives for some of that same je ne sais quoi with the MAKS 2007 International Aviation & Space Salon.

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--- Quote ---This is one of the military planes on display at the Russian show--a Sukhoi Su-34 fighter-bomber. (Correction: This caption originally misidentified the plane as a different Sukhoi model.)
--- End quote ---

LOL, what a surpise.

You gotta be kidding...who could misidentify a Su-34 for a Su-35? although it had to have been a wrong button they hit because 4 and 5 are right beside eachother (no kidding huh? lol)


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