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USAF cancels aerial support for airshows, Thunderbirds cancelled from April 1.

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USAF cancels aerial support (incl. F-22) for public events, Thunderbirds season cancelled from April 1.

So, I guess most of you knew this was going to happen. I've posted the USAF and Thunderbirds specific news releases in the news section, or just goto

I feel gutted, and I'm not even in the US. Took them off the airshow calendar for so many shows, having not too long ago added them one by one for the lucky shows that got the F-22 or Thunderbirds, and now preparing for the effects. What's the Navy going to do, and how many of these airshows will cancel because they won't get the Thunderbirds? I hope for the best, but fear 2013 will be worst year since decades for airshows...

I hope they can reinstate support when decisions are taken for the next FY, too late for most, but then I'd be happy when adding them back on the schedule for the Oct-Nov shows, couple of big ones then. Surely they'll rectify it for Nellis...?

Also for Asia military overseas it's sad news, as the TB were planning a Asia/Pacific tour.

Looking at the European calendar makes me happier. There are some great/promising shows again, better than last year if you ask me, but still waiting for some teams to release their schedules to give it another big update. For this year, RAF Tornado Role Demo has become a victim to cutbacks, but I hope the others will be good to go soon. Bookmark and check back often for updates.

shawn a:
  :'( We have a dysfunctional, partisan politics-obsessed congress to thank for this! Perhaps congress is what should be cancelled for this year for all the work they fail to do.   >:(  I'm sure no one here would even notice or care!
Niels, you hold out more hope than I do that this can be rectified before autumn.

Navy is cancelling the Blue Angels performances for April airshows.

USAF AFB airshows are cancelling one by one, as well as some shows that would have the Thunderbirds.

The calendar has been updated, but still working on it, I'm expecting more cancellations.

This is my first post on the forum guys, so I hope it isn't bad form to share two links from editorials about the effects of the sequester on the airshow industry and the cancellation of the flying season for the Thunderbirds and the Blue Angels:

And on the possible future of flight demonstrations at airshows as the industry seems to be changing:

Hopefully this is a one-season deal because it's a significant loss I doubt we'll ever be able to measure accurately.

I was wondering if the demo teams have some latitudes to creatively generate funding for the sole purpose of paying for air show expense? Say, how about putting corporate logos on the planes - think Formula One, NASCAR style sponsorships. The narrator would then say 'US Air Force West Coast Viper Demo team presented by XYZ', something along that line. I think the right set of suppliers can be targeted. The issue I think would be more on the regulatory sides.

As far as the logos, the Air Force have water soluble paints. Same ones are used during Winter/Arctic exercise.

I've seen at least 2 Czech Republic's Su-25 Frogfoot with corporate sponsors on the tail. They're not part of any demo team that I know of - I don't even know what the occasions were but I've seen their pictures on 'World Air Power Journal' publication.


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