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Hehe, don't know that one, but there's also Hot Shots ;)

It was not a joke though.  :-[ I'm not a mechanical guy. If there's an issue with the hydraulics, would that mean both type of brakes have issues? Or are they completely seperate circuits?

F-111 C/C:
Sorry, I thought you were kidding.:embarassed:
Modern aircraft have multiple and redundant Hydraulic systems that allowed him to land safely despite having a leak. I assume the F-18 airbrake would be a separate system than the wheel brakes. Flight controls are in the Primary system and peripheral systems are in the Secondary system. Emergency procedures allow for systems to be isolated in the event of a leak or failure. These systems operate at 3000+ psi and can empty the system quickly if not isolated.

Thanks, I guess it's just procedural then not to let it taxi?

F-111 C/C:
Better safe than sorry. Like I said, the affected system may have left him with no wheel brakes without affecting the system pressure for the flight controls allowing him to land without incident. Taxiing with no brakes wouldn't have been smart. Sometimes, too, when a plane declares IFE, the Emergency personnel and/or Airfield Manager can decide how to best handle the situation once the aircraft is on the ground.

F-111 just want to say that I've seen the Blues/Thunderbirds at least 30 times each and I have seen them perform with less than 6 aircraft several times. Once at the Sanford airshow the TBirds had one drop out of the formation, the pilot landed, switched planes and went back up and finished the routine. The most memorable time though was at Patricks AFB airshow many years ago... it was the only time I've seen the Blues and TBirds at the same show at the same time. I was expecting a great show from the Blues esp since they were on a AF base. Coming out of the Dirty Loop the #3 plane broke formation, went out over the Atlantic circling at around 10,000'. The rest of the team finished the show, landed and taxied in. After that was done the broke bird came in, took the wire at the end of the runway and shut down. They towed the #3 plane back in. I never heard what happened but if I recall correctly he didn't get his gear up after the dirty loop, dunno how that played into it.

Webmaster anytime I've ever seen the Blues or TBirds they are always and I mean always the last act. I can't imagine that they ever have an act scheduled for after the headliners :)


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