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Author Topic: Waddington International Airshow: Vulcan grounded, will not display - VTST Press  (Read 7325 times)

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Waddington International Airshow: Vulcan grounded, will not display - VTST Press Release


July 4: The Vulcan to the Sky Trust (VTST) and Marshall Aerospace announced that the planned displays of the Vulcan at the RAF Waddington International Airshow have had to be cancelled due to the renewal of its Permit to Fly failing to meet certain criteria.

As part of the 2005 to 2007 major servicing, a number of structural inspections had to be deferred, because it was not feasible to complete them on XH558’s airframe. It was planned by VTST and Marshall Aerospace, in agreement with BAE Systems and the Civil Aviation Authority, that these inspections would be carried out before the renewal of XH558’s Permit to Fly on July 3, 2009, using the airframe of BAE Systems-owned Vulcan XM603 at Woodford, as part of the scrapping process of this aircraft. Unfortunately it has not yet proved possible to complete or establish mitigations for all these inspections. Consequently, the conditions that would enable the issue of XH558’s Permit to Fly renewal have not been met.

A spokesman for VTST said "XH558 is however is fully serviceable and ready for flight, and Marshall Aerospace together with VTST and BAE Systems are doing all they can as quickly as they can to resolve this unexpected, one-off issue within the next few days."
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Yeah according to sources close to me , a Sentnel that was also doing a flypast for the Waddo airshow overstressed a little bit more than normal.

I will say no more to official report is out :)


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