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Title: Air Forces Monthly - Reader Survey!
Post by: Webmaster on February 14, 2006, 03:56:44 PM
I am happy to found the reader survey included with the latest AFM issue. You can not only win a tour of RAF Wittering, but also voice your opinion on the AFM. So I have enjoyed filling it in. I noticed there are one or two questions about your aviation hobby and what websites or forums you visit to keep up with military aviation. Of course I had to include here. But if I am the only one mentioning it, they won't take notice, even if they use the information to its full purpose.

So, I wanted to remind everyone who is reading the AFM and filling out the survey to mention your favorite military aviation website...which should be of course!

The 100-page March 2006 issue is by the way well worth the money. It has great articles on the Ukrainian Air Force, the F-22, Peru's Su-22 and Su-25, Argentina's Paris, and several articles related to the (Sea) Harrier, including the Spanish ones! And of course, the always interesting aviation news, which has several very interesting stories this month.

(no, I am not paid by Key Publishing to post this)