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Author Topic: Free Online Magazine: WARFARE by Pen & Sword  (Read 6801 times)

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Free Online Magazine: WARFARE by Pen & Sword
« on: June 13, 2011, 11:34:05 PM »
I'm kind of providing free advertising here, but because the product itself is free,
looks to be worth it for most of us and because I like Pen & Sword's
publications a lot:

Pen & Sword Books have launched a free bi-monthly online magazine
entitled Warfare. The magazine can be viewed online, downloaded
and even printed off – all free of charge. I just browsed it online and
downloaded it in PDF to read the articles later on.

Content includes military, family and general history, wargaming,
modelling and re-enactment. Because it's supported by the publisher
and advertising there is a lot of pages dedicated to reviews and releases
of DVD/books/modelkits/etc, but hey, you get that in paid magazines too.

Articles and adverts are being brought to life through Flash content, video clips
and audio effects. But not in an intrusive way.

Issue 1 of Warfare is available now, it has articles on the Spitfire, Sinking of the Bismarck,
and Paras in Helmand.

To view the magazine visit and simply enter your
name and e-mail address for your free life subscription. Everyone who subscribes to the
magazine will be entered into a prize draw for the chance to win a free Kindle.

I'm not getting any compensation for this, just think it's great to have a free magazine of one of the big Military History publishers! Spitfire and Bismarck are always interesting subjects, albeit well know, it will refresh your memory of both. Hopefully in future issues there will be more exclusive subjects. It's a UK publisher, so #1 has got to have the Spitfire of course!
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