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64th Anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing

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In fact the military and civilian Dutch in Indonesia got it worse from the Japanese than any other Europeans in any other theatre.
The men were mostly executed and the women were all rounded up and sent to the military as prostitutes or so called 'comfort women'.
In contrast to this, Australian and British women ex pats were at least given the choice in return for better conditions. Our Australian nurses however were told to wade into the surf holding hands and were machine gunned.
One survived to tell. Sister Vivian Bullwinkle.

I'd like to explain why there was only three days between the 1st and 2nd bombs.
The USAF guys back then in '45 knew of such atrocities and were worried that the Japanese might have surrendered before they could do it. As it was, they were stopped another six days later from delivering number three.

shawn a:
I have a LOT of opinions on this, but since this thread has not been posted in for over 90 days, I'll just wait 'till next August when the whole "Mea Culpa" B.S. is brought up once again.


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