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Like the title says, post anything that has to do with women and aviation together.

Did you guys know that Marilyn Monroe´s first job was working for Radioplane Corporation, where she had various duties. She mounted propellors, helped make parachutes and also worked on painting the side of fuselages. I know she also was deeply involed with the Pan Am company.

Image: Some kind of promotional work for Air Mexico.

as majority of us know and agrees with, women are better in simultanious multi tasking than men. they are good pilots and usually are in stations that demand continuous multi tasking tasks like operational secretaries back down at the squadron's HQ, for taking care of the orders that coming down to squadron, formation of munition for aicrafts, numbers of operational aircrafts in the squadron etc.

Here are 2 images of a IAF female pilot.

The female F-15 pilots of the ANG have their own website, it's somewhere among my bookmarks, I will try to find it.

--- Quote ---http://www.milavia.net/specials/36stormo-eurofighter/view.php?f=14
Lieutenant Pilot Maria Federica Maddalena, the first female fighter pilot in Italian Air Force history, destined to fly the Typhoon soon. Presently she is assigned to 90^ Squadriglia and the Nucleo Operazioni (Operations Center) of XII Gruppo and has about 500 flying hours on the MB-339CD.
--- End quote ---

That was in 2007, so I guess she's flying the Typhoon now.

Sounds good Niels!

I´ll in meanwhile will search for some fun/crazy facts and images about all types of flying girls around our world.  ;D


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