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Aircraft Wanted for NonProfit Display !


Hello, my name is Marian Madalin, mechanical engineer and aviation
passionate. I am trying to open myself a small aerospace museum or
open space for any kind of aircraft here in my country. The project is
entirely nonprofit and will be based exclusively on donations. It is
more like an educational project and background to inspire and
encourage young people, like students and school children to start a
career in this domain.

For the begining, can you consider helping me with a free charity
donation of any type of aircraft, plane or helicopter, even a glider ,
in any condition: small, big, civil/military, new, old, broken, rusty,
salvage, junk or even an airframe(an empty shell) ?
Even a parachute or even something related to aviation would be good.

Can you ask those who attend at your  aviation event this simple
question ? Thanks.

If you have any other questions, please reply or call me at
+40748230945 or +40751657933.
Thank you.


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