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Ashcloud from volcano on Iceland puts a stop to aviation.

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So a couple of European countries have stopped all their aircraft from flying because of the dangers involved. Sweden has for example even grounded the air force. So far nobody knows if this will last from hours to days/weeks or months. Its all comes down to the volcano and how the winds will be blowing.

Its a strange day, when i look up in the sky and dont see or hear any aircraft as usual.

How has your country been affected so far? Can this lead to a financial  crisis in general aviation?

Thoughts, facts and speculations are welcome.  :)

My country's all good atm.


As you probably know, Dutch airspace was totally closed as well. There was a run on Eurostar (Amsterdam-Paris) train tickets. Every hotel from Amsterdam to Rotterdam was full. I think it's supposed to reopen this afternoon? mondaymorning, they say now

Most of north Europe has closed down its aviation. Sweden is still in the middle of it. But its the same here, people  are now forced to take the train. 

The fun part is that some people are starting to panicking, believing that if this continues we will run out of food and supplies. Some of the newspapers do their fair share of fueling this "flame". LOL!  ;D

LOL, that's funny. No such concerns here. And people don't care what this couple of non-flying days mean for the airlines... BA and also in Germany already suffered due to the strikes...


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