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FLIR systems question.

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How effective/ineffective are FLIR systems during daytime compared to night time?

Infra-red is a thermal image, so it relies on temperature differences. Doesn't matter day or night per say, but the atmospheric conditions do matter. It really comes down to the sensitivity, processing, resolution.

Don't confuse with night vision which amplifies visible light.

shawn a:
Yep, Thermal Imaging can be incredibly sensitive. I think it has to do with the sensitivity, and the settings of the device. I've seen thermal imaging show tire skid marks when someone in a car chase skidded! And this was with commercially available thermal imaging from a TV news helicopter, not police or military equipment. Pricey stuff. Can't wait 'till it's cheap as a calculator!

F-111 C/C:
I remember the IR Mavericks (AGM-65) we carried on the A-10 could 'lock' on to the contrast of the image (the White hot OR the Black cold in the image) depending on what you wanted. What was creepy was that Church steeples ALWAYS appeared jet Black on the imaging whereas the rest of the imaging was varying degrees of Whites and Grays. :-\

The coolest thing about Maverick footage is that you don't get to see the destruction. So it's like a movie with an open ending, haha!


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