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Inside the cockpit of the A-380

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Check this out guys! Wow!

damn don't want to be anyone that deals with electronics subject of this monster. wonder how many kilometers of wires are the behing the instrument panel...

I've had enough of the A-4's:) ( and still love it )

Pretty neat presentation huh mate? Great this sort of stuff that is available to learn from the net.
This interactive video would have once been a book you got for your birthday. Great way to learn.

its just amazing whats going on there.
i think the only thing to compare to that type of cockpits is all the idea and development process of the microprocessors production process. i've worked at Intel for half a year, in the clean room. its amazaing and unbelievable what going on there

Yeah well that is what the post on Silicon Valley and the military is all about.
The modern military has been transformed through this technology.


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