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Been a great week last week. Took my old man (a former Army Huey pilot and current civvy Huey pilot) to the Naval Aviation Musuem @ Pensacola NAS and the USAF Armament Museum at Eglin (can you say Blackbird?!) and 1,000+ pics later it was a great time! I've been to both before but his first time. I'll try to get some pics up by weeks end, working my ass off so too tired atm.

Was working in Starke, FL today and had a 2 hour lunch break, went down to Keystone Heights airport 8 miles away just to shoot some G.A. planes on the ramp and much to my surprise there were several people in the very nice FBO awaiting the imminent arrival of an F-8 Bearcat from Chicago. I waited as long as I could but he never showed and ultimately they found out he was grounded due to mech problems, but will be there in a couple of days.. but I won't :( Anyhow if by chance he makes it down tomorrow I'm there again and it would be a nice ending to a great week for aviation pics. Thought I'd share :)

Looking forward to seeing some pics.

How was the Armament Museum? (apart from the planes) I have visited their website a few times in the past months, and I think it's great there's a museum focused on Armament & judging from some pics, it looks they did a good job there at presenting the things that give military aviation its teeth (or horror, depending on your look).

The armament museum is very well done imo, though its all housed in a building of modest size. All the aircraft are outside with the exception of the F-105, P-47, P-51 and F-80, so the rest of the building is put to good use housing the weapons. Every manner of aircraft gun, a lot of bombs and missiles are all represented. They have the MOAB outside, which is impressive for sure. What I really liked is the cutaways of different bullets and how they are loaded, the different aerial drones, a real Nordon bombsight, a replica of the Doolittle Raid bombsight (which were made at Eglin for that raid), the Sensor Fused Weapon displays which I'm a big fan of, etc.

Over the past 20 years I've taken pics of all the aircraft, this was the first time I tried to get a picture of just about every peice of armament and I'm happy I did.


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