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Author Topic: Stunt: How to switch to a connecting flight...  (Read 8620 times)

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Stunt: How to switch to a connecting flight...
« on: April 08, 2010, 03:18:38 PM »
I received this Red Bull promo in my mailbox today. Normally, I don't bother you with promo/press releases, but this one is worth sharing. I've summarized and loosely translated the German press release, but the pictures tell the story perfectly...

Paul Steiner and the Blanik Team found a new way of connecting flights...

April 4, 2010 -- "Ladies and gentlemen! We have just reached our cruising altitude of 2,100 meters. Please do not stay strapped, open the emergency exit above you and make your way as quickly as possible to the wing, in time to reach your connecting flight! "

Annoying waiting time when changing flights? Always repacking at the security check? Not for Paul Steiner! The 47-year-old paratrooper of the Red Bull Skydiving Team together with the Blanix mirror flight team achieved an unprecedented feet: 2,100 feet above the ground he opens the canopy of the Blanik-glider, climbs up onto the edge of the wing and transfers to the lower flying Blanik while going 130km/h. Then, in mirror flight the second flight Blanik L-13 falls down from above. Meter by meter, the planes come closer to waver. The last centimeter Steiner must introduce themselves by radio, because the pilots have lost sight of him. The stunt succeeded: With both legs of the Salzburg is on the lower hull of the Blanik, with his hands he holds the tail of the upper plane - the human connection between two aircraft.
For a few seconds the unlikely trio remains in this incredible position and then they break up the formation and Steiner jumped with the parachute off the Blanik L-13 and lands safely. Conclusion: a unique flying performance and spectacular air stunt of the year.

Man and machine. That's not all: the parachutist after climbing to the hull of his new minor premise. Precision work. Exhausted, but happy the 47-year-old landed safely at the airport in Niederöblarn. "This was an incredible stunt, ... We have planned for a year, minimizing flaws and played through every step countless times. Ultimately the work was worth it. "

The two pilots and Kurt Tippl and Ewald Roithner had every reason to cheer: "This was precision work at its best! Today was very restless and difficult to fly. But we have proved we are a perfect team, and gliders can be as close to flying together, as no one else in this world! "No sooner was the pressure dropped from the sky, storms, the joy mingled with a faint whispering in the corner and a mischievous grin: "We have some more  ideas in mind!"

All pictures © Markus Zinner/Red Bull Photofiles
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