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Qantas passengers revolt over flight delay at Perth airport

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shawn a:
Airline passengers need to be much more understanding of the concept of "airworthiness", and just what that means to their safety.
Forget your vacation schedule, or business meeting, 'cause if you don't get there because you're dead, neither one matters to you anymore.
Safe aircraft--or--unsafe aircraft? Do you really want that choice?
Keep 'em in jail!
Shawn A

Gripe quote: i thought they flipped out because qantas kept telling them that the plane would be ready to go in an hour every hour for 13 hours. if the plane was going to be delayed for that long wouldnt it have made more sense to tell the passengers they could go home instead of having to sleep on the floor of the terminal?

Hell no, that was only secondary.
The main reason was that their surviving relatives couldn't get up a 'class action' against everyone from Qantas, DCA or Airbus by greedy barristers and overseen by an over enthusiastic socialist judiciary for failure of duty of care.
I mean that they were all still alive and because it was Perth and Qantas, the plane wasn't allowed to fly.
What a bugger!


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