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Qantas passengers revolt over flight delay at Perth airport

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July 10, 2009 12:10pm

Lightning strike on an A-330 Airbus

 POLICE have been called to Perth's domestic airport to calm outraged passengers stranded overnight after their Qantas flight failed to leave.

One radio listener, John, told radio station 6PR the A330 that passengers were screaming and yelling and Qantas staff called police after ongoing delays.

He said the aircraft had been hit by lightning on its way to Perth from Sydney and had been grounded until engineering advice could be obtained from France.

Qantas confirmed the aircraft had been subject to a lightning strike and was ruled unfit to fly.

Lol classic!!


shawn a:
In my opinion, those who "rioted" were a bunch of coddled candy-assed people who don't realize just how lucky they are to be able to travel 500 miles in one hour and I hope they're still in the Perth jail!

There are two other factors here. Imagine the festival of disgusting journalism if the plane had crashed and they were still searching for the black box to determine the cause. I can see it now, "Another Airbus has crashed, when will they all be grounded"? Then they would drag up the other crashes to compare.

The other thing is that they weren't in some scumbag place where the airline would have flown the plane anyway. This was Perth and Qantas, not crapland and Bongolair and they should realize that.

i thought they flipped out because qantas kept telling them that the plane would be ready to go in an hour every hour for 13 hours. if the plane was going to be delayed for that long wouldnt it have made more sense to tell the passengers they could go home instead of having to sleep on the floor of the terminal?


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