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The A-330 and a festival of disgusting people greed and lawyer greed

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This evening it has been announced on the evening news here of a Qantas A-330 on a flight from Hong Kong to Perth experienced severe turbulence which resulted in the aircraft suddenly dropping several thousand feet.
This resulted in several people floating around and hitting heads and stuff.
Wow! Here comes another lawyer feast, greedy people's grab for money and over enthusiastic dirty socialist judiciary  awarding ridiculous damages.
Take a look at the incidents of the excellent A-330 and then think about the 5000 that are flying in the world each day.

What is going to happen here out of this latest so called class action of greed, is that it will become mandatory for all passengers to wear their seat belt for the entire journey and only be released from this obligation for a toilet break and then only if the weather is mild.
I don't blame any airline for bringing in these stringent rules to counteract customer and disgusting legal greed.

shawn a:
Always wear your seatbelt while seated. The rest of the time you are accepting the risk involved. It's that simple--lawyers need not apply.

But hang on a minute. Qantas has told all passengers to do all they can to alleviate thrombosis of the arteries.
Wow, watch that work in the class action

shawn a:
Some people actually pay lots of money to free-fall a few thousand feet!
Qantas should charge everyone on that flight an additional fee for the thrill!
Seriously (for a change) I'd hate to be hit by one of those food carts, or a carafe of hot coffee ('scuse me, it'd be tea on Qantas, right?)

Yeah, but I'd make an opportunistic grab to save the lady flight attendants and find out of they have stay up stockings or panty hose.


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