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The Most Expensive aircraft in History??

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F-111 C/C:
I agree with Recce. I think you should separate conventional aircraft from spacecraft. Spacecraft expenses are always exorbitant due to exotic materials and requirements necessary to operate in zero atmosphere/zero gravity. Too much disparity to include them together. Hence my pick of the B-2. I think that is the most expensive unit-cost, conventional, normally aspirated, atmosphere-restricted aircraft.


shawn a:
OK, If it's gotta be earthbound, then the B-2 wins hands down at over 1 billion per copy.
Some Keyhole satellites cost over 4 billion to put in orbit. 
oh-gotta go!

shawn a:
So, I think the shuttle program cost about 170 billion, and the apollo program about 140 billion, making the shuttle the most expensive "spaceplane" (aircraft to me) in history---so far.
And B-2's are now said to have cost 2 billion per copy!


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