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The Most Expensive aircraft in History??

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shawn a:
Only 2 contenders in this one, The Apollo capsules, or the Space shuttle.
(no one said "aircraft" have to be reuseable, or land only on tires)

But do these qualify as aircraft? I would see the US Space Shuttle to be more of a cross between a glider and a brick. It can't really take to the skies under its own power, and is not primarily designed for operations in the atmosphere.

Same with the Apollo program. They simply pass through the atmosphere. No an aircraft doesn't need to be reusable...and I know a few that don't land on tyres, but the Apollo capsules really only fell out of the sky after missions  ;)

I like the idea of this topic, though. Especially if "expensive" can be viewed in the time of each aircraft. What was expensive then is often shadowed by more recent projects.

Under that argument... the Wright Brothers had the most expensive aircraft of their time!  :D

F-111 C/C:
I would assume the B-2 has to be one.

Most expensive individual aircraft or the cost of the project?

shawn a:
Grip- you would come up with something like that!!
Let's say program cost divided by airframes= cost per aircraft.
I feel the shuttle was more expensive than Apollo, and the B-2 doesn't come close.
Details to follow.


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