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World wide civil aviation black list to be announced shortly


The setting up of a new global blacklist of planes unfit to fly will be discussed this week at a summit meeting between the European transport commissioner and the president of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

 Advocates of a global blacklist believe it would prevent carriers in the developing world from using their best aircraft to enter better regulated airspace and then moving passengers to older, less reliable aircraft, as is alleged to have occurred after the Yemenia flight from Marseille to Sana'a. The passengers were transferred on to the plane that crashed on the final leg from Sana'a to Grand Comoros.

 European and US aviation authorities had not been sufficiently concerned about the safety practises of airlines operating outside European or American air space. In Africa, there is one accident for about every 250,000 flights, five times the global average.

At present, the EU runs its own blacklist, as does the US. The EU list includes scores of airlines, and outlaws entire countries such as Indonesia and several African nations, whose carriers are prohibited from entering European skies.

Since this topic was first put up, the EU has lifted the ban on Garuda
July 16, 2009

THE European Union has removed a ban on four Indonesian airlines, including the national carrier Garuda, from flying over its air space.

The ban was imposed in 2007 after a slew of fatal accidents, including the Garuda crash in Yogyakarta that killed 21 people, including five Australians travelling to a media event held by Alexander Downer.

It was lifted in recognition of higher safety standards. "Significant improvements and accomplishments of the Indonesian civil aviation authority are recognised in the area of safety," the EU said in a statement.

The Indonesian Government had pressed hard for the lifting of the ban. Garuda said it was looking to resume flights to Europe next year.


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