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A 14 year old girl survives the aircraft crash near Madagascar

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Absolutely unbelievable survival story

A 14-year-old girl is so far the only survivor of a plane crash off the Comoros Islands near Madagascar yesterday, in which more than 150 people are feared dead.

Initial reports from the crash site indicated that a child had miraculously survived the catastrophe.

Rescuers then revealed that a teenager had indeed been found alive, floating among the wreckage of the Airbus A310 plane.

"The girl, aged 14, has arrived at the El Maarouf hospital. We were told that her condition is not worrisome," Red Cross spokeswoman Ramulati Ben Ali said.

A man identified as one of the girl's rescuers told France's Europe 1 radio the teenager was seen swimming in choppy waters in the middle of bodies and plane debris around 4:00am
"We tried to throw a life buoy. She could not grab it. I had to jump in the water to get her," the rescuer said.

One of the black box flight recorders from the Yemenia jet which crashed off the Comoros has been located and efforts to retrieve it will begin tomorrow, the French government says.

"The black box's signal was located yesterday at 4.30 pm local time (10am AEST today) by an aerial patrol, 40 km from Grande Comore," said Cooperation Minister Alain Joyandet, quoted by a spokeswoman.

A French patrol ship, the Rieuse, was to arrive on site later Wednesday to start operations to recover the flight recorder.

La Rieuse

There where severe failures detected on this plane in 2007, actually it was forbidden to fly in European airspace, however the company kept using it...

The pilot was found alive as well.

I also read that many seats did not have seatbelts. Atleast there are some survivors, wish all could of survived but as long the civil aviation industry keeps taking short cuts and only think of making profits. This will not go away.

Tragic accidents like these always come in three. Two down, one to go.  :(

What is getting me worried is Airbus.

I know that Airbus has an excellent safety record, much better than Boeing´s, and i know this accident in special has nothing to do with flaws on the plane design but rather the desire for money of this almost Third World Company.

However the public in general doesn´t give a sh*t about aviation, what they know is what the news channels tell them, which is: DISINFORMATION.

Thats why i´m worried about this, the general dumb and misinformed public will start thinking that Airbuses are unsafe when that is not true, and this might have severe consequences to Airbus.

The only people who must be jumping with joy right now is Boeing´s CEO and its investors.

May their souls rest in peace and the family's find the strength needed to go trough this.


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