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Biggest airliner landing in Montreal

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Finally the A380 wasnt from Singapore Airlines (sorry Raptor  :( ). The plane took of from France and landed in Montreal at 12:21, this November 12.
Here is a video: It is in French but we can see the Airbus land. I am glad it landed in Montreal. But I think it is the one of the only times it will land in Montreal
because Air France won't use it for the Montreal-Paris flights.

First A380 flight was to Sydney. By SIA. I don't mind, Flanker. We still got ahead of all of you. ;D

Cool video, dude.

Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal signed the order for his private A380 last week btw.

LOL You gotta love the Saudi Royal Family... Whens the Sultan of Brunei getting his?


Who's that Russian guy who's replacing his personal 737? Dude, i could LIVE in a 737, not to mention an A380.


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