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How to get upgraded to the 1st Class seats flying Qantas


Man tries to open door on Qantas flight08:41 AEST Wed Aug 26 2009

Police are questioning a man who tried to open the door of a Qantas plane on descent into Sydney.

Police are questioning a man who tried to open the door of a Qantas plane making its descent into Sydney airport early on Wednesday morning.

The man, who was clearly agitated, had been trying to stand up and move around the plane for about 10 minutes during the descent, a witness who was about two rows away told AAP.

A Qantas spokeswoman was unable to confirm whether the crew had to restrain the man on the QF2 flight from London via Bangkok.

"There was a disruptive passenger, but none of our staff has said that he was trying to open a door.

"The passenger and the crew are currently in discussions with the police."

The witness told AAP that staff managed to reseat the large man, but he stood up and made a move for the middle door in the economy section.

"He grabbed the handle but Qantas staff were able to restrain him," another passenger said.

Qantas staff moved the man to the first class section of the plane and the flight made a normal landing, touching down at 6.05am AEST, he said.

"The incident wasn't in any way threatening, but some children did become scared and upset, and started yelling," the passenger said.

Passengers were asked to remain in their seats for another 20 minutes before being allowed to disembark.

I have often tried to get upgraded to business class, but hadn't considered this method.


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