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Jetpod flying taxi crashes and pilot killed


A British pilot killed in a fiery crash in Malaysia was an aviation entrepreneur conducting a test flight of his Jetpod "flying taxi".

Michael Robert Dacre, 53, died when the prototype aircraft crashed and burst into flames shortly after take-off from a landing strip in the northern town of Taiping, Malaysian police said.

The Star daily said Dacre was an inventor and the managing director of British-based Avcen Ltd. which planned to have the "Jetpod" eight-seater flying taxi in production by 2010.

It quoted witnesses as saying that the aircraft attempted to take off several times before soaring into the sky and then abruptly veering to the left and crashing to the ground.

The Jetpod was designed to have a cruising speed of 550 km/h, be quieter and quicker than a helicopter, and require just 125m to take off and 300m to land.

In interviews when plans for the dual jet engine aircraft were unveiled, Dacre had said he hoped the Jetpod would transform inner-city transport.

Bad luck mate. Rest in peace.
It is from the endeavours and courage of men like these that we are flying today in aircraft with our main thought being the price of duty free on board.

Will someone continue his work?

I doubt it Gripe. He seemed to be everything from inventor, designer, managing director and test pilot.
A great person lost to the future of aviation.


I hope someone continues his work, because they'd be cool to see in mass production!

Very Star Warsy


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