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One dead, seven hurt as Thai plane slides off runway


Tue Aug 4, 2009 4
BANGKOK (Reuters) - One person was killed and seven injured when a commercial plane slid off a runway into a disused control tower on the Thai tourist island of Koh Samui on Tuesday, police said.

The Bangkok Airways plane flying from the southern Thai resort of Krabi left the runway while landing in heavy rain.

"It hit an unmanned control tower," the island's police chief, Colonal Saharat Saksilpachai, told Reuters. "It's possible the dead person might be the pilot."

Very early report so we don't know yet what type of aircraft. Aviator.

In later news it is said to be a 70-seater Turboflot.

It was an ATR 72.

ATR 72 - 200 and ATR 72 - 500

The ATR 72, a joint venture between France and Italy, is an airworthy 70-seater turbo-prop aircraft with spacious seating and ample cargo space. This current model is very popular among airlines in more than 65 countries around the world for its short haul operations.

ATR-72-200 - Two 1610kW (2160shp) Pratt & Whitney Canada PW-124B turboprops
ATR-72-210 - Two 1850kW (2480shp) P&WC PW-127 turboprops
ATR-72-500 - Two 2051kW (2750shp) P&WC PW-127F turboprops

ATR-72-200 - Max cruising speed at 15,000ft 526km/h (284kt), economical cruising speed 460km/h (248kt). Range with reserves at max optional weight 1195km (645nm), range with 66 pax 2665km (1200nm).

Flightcrew of two. Max seating for 74 passengers at four abreast


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