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Author Topic: The new Boeing 747-8 and the 40th anniversary.  (Read 6882 times)


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The new Boeing 747-8 and the 40th anniversary.
« on: June 26, 2009, 01:55:33 AM »
This year is the 40th anniversary of the greatest aircraft that ever flew. The Boeing 747-100.
On February the 9th 1969 the first of these incredible aircraft took to the skies.
At the time, it was never really envisaged that the aircraft was to become what it is today, the mainstay of international flight for us all. Plans then were for a large freighter aircraft. But the world moved along and dreams like Concord became impractical.
Today Boeing are refining that original concept into a new model. The 747-8

The Boeing 747-8 is a widebody commercial airliner being developed by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Officially announced in 2005, the 747-8 is the latest evolutionary variant of the Boeing 747, with lengthened fuselage, redesigned wings and improved efficiency. As of 2009, the first 747-8 freighter is due to be delivered in 3rd quarter 2010, with the passenger model scheduled for 2011.
The first deliveries will be to Lufthansa.

Photo. Boeing 747-830

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