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The Pilots and flight attendants punch up at 30,000.


Pilots' punch-up with flight attendants at 30,000ft on Air India flight


Two jet pilots amazingly brawled with crew members at 30,000ft in front of shocked passengers.

The co-pilot, a stewardess, 24, and her male colleague were injured as punches flew on an Air India plane from the United Arab Emirates to Delhi.

The fight on flight IC884 was alleged to have started when the woman was sexually groped in the cockpit by the co-pilot. The brawl then spilled out into the galley.

But pilot Ranbeer Arora and his No2 Aditya Chopra instead claim the flight attendant started it with misconduct that threatened the safety of the 106 passengers and seven crew. The flight landed safely.

Air India called the incident "a clear case of indiscipline". A spokesman added: "The scuffle between the two pilots and cabin crew of Flight IC884 is being investigated."

A preliminary report filed with police alleged the captain and his No2 tried to molest the woman and shoved her out of the cockpit when she resisted.

Delhi police chief Satyender Garg said: "She sustained bruises and injuries on her hand. Her complaint said she had been abused, manhandled and assaulted in an undignified way."
She must have got some good hits in to as the pilots both needed medical attention.

Air India has suspended, all four staff involved in the bust-up pending an investigation, which took place at around 11pm UK time on Friday.

The photo below gives some idea of what the pilots were up against.

Tssss, someone will soon be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong!  >:(

Yeah but you have to give the Indians 10 out of 10. Just getting fired for grabbing flight attendants is pretty mild. And I can't blame them. I've weighed up the consequences of the odd grope on a few flights.

Now if you were on an Emirates flight like a couple of Australian guys were recently, you can be thrown into a stinking dungeon and the key thrown away for even chatting one up.

Saudi flight? Well expect to get life and a 1000 lashes for asking one of the  dames for a scotch and ice.


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