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Two Airbus A-320 Pilots suspended over 241km detour

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F-111 C/C:
I say 'Bollocks!'


--- Quote from: F-111 C/C on October 27, 2009, 04:20:56 AM ---I say 'Bollocks!'

--- End quote ---

What do you think is the truth Aard?

F-111 C/C:
Read my post above - I say they were sleeping!


Lost US pilots' licenses revoked

Two US pilots who overshot their destination after losing track of time while using their personal laptops have had their licenses revoked.

Government regulators say they broke a number of federal aviation regulations.

The two pilots have 10 days to appeal the revocation of their licenses by the Federal Aviation Administration.

According to the FAA, the pilots' violations include failing to comply with air traffic control instructions and clearances and operating carelessly and recklessly.

The use of personal computers on the flight deck also violates company policy.

F-111 C/C:
Let's assume they WERE using their laptops. They were SO engrossed in their programming, they couldn't hear/respond to the numerous calls from flight controllers? They were sleeping!


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