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Undercarriage malfunction on Fokker 100 at Stuttgart.


Contact Air Flight 288

 On 14 September 2009, flight 288 executed an emergency landing at Stuttgart Airport after the main gear did not fully deploy.

The aircraft involved was a Fokker 100 D-AFKE, c/n 114505. The aircraft was delivered to TAM Linhas AĆ©reas on 20 December 1995. It was sold to Contact Air, entering service with them on 1 September 2009.

AT 10:49 local time the aircraft made an emergency landing at Stuttgart Airport with the main wheels not fully deployed. A foam carpet had been laid in preparation for the landing. No one was seriously injured although several passengers were treated for shock and a flight attendant was admitted to hospital for observation. The crew tried unsuccessfully several times to deploy the landing gear.

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There was a hell of a lot of heat present there. When I see such photos it makes me wonder at how the fuel tanks must be heat shielded from such a trauma. They are right there just above the heat.

Yeah, saw it in the news, Franz Muentefering, chairman of the Social Democratic Party was onboard, he praised the pilot. Before the blaming game starts, I think it's also important to state that although Fokker may have gone out of business a long time ago, Fokker Services still exists as a Stork company, servicing and overhauling many Fokker 100s, but even without it, many Fokker 100s are still in operation.


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