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Voting on the world's worst and best airports.

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How did Kingsford Smith (Sydney) rate?

How did any of the Aussie airports go?

 It was only the best and the worst that were mentioned. Nothing in Australia is listed Gripe.
Perth would have to be pretty good though. There is no one there.

From January - June 2009

Worst Airport in the South Pacific/Oceania:

Worst Airport in Asia:
Delhi, India

Worst Airport in Africa:
Abuja, Nigeria

Worst Airport in the Middle East:
Sanaa, Yemen

Worst Airport in the Caribbean and Central America:
Havana, Cuba

Worst Airport in South America:
Buenos Aires Aeroparque, Argentina

Worst Airport in North America:
Los Angeles, USA

Worst Airport in Europe:
Paris Charles de Gaulle, France

shawn a:
As far as my experience goes, Singapore is at the top of the list as best! Hong Kong AFTER the chinese takeover is hopelessly bureaucratic, and inflexible.
I don't feel LAX is all that bad, but, hey, I'm from California, and I know the local lingo.
CDG wasn't so bad to us in 2009, and Heathrow was weird with passing security INTO the airport on arrival (perhaps understandable), but the crowded conditions were interesting ( I say interesting, because I'm old,-and old school, and I'm happy to travel anywhere at 500 miles per hour, so I can easily put up with what I consider minor problems to avoid travel at one tenth that speed at best) International airports are a microcosm of humanity, and are actually very interesting places to me personally. So I don't mind spending time in these places. The key is being able to sleep when needed on a flight, or at a connecting airport itself-- (Changi -Singapore- excels at that option)
So- Changi--Best.
Worst might be Nandi in Fiji--super long wait, and security STOLE my Swiss Army Knife after they put it in an envelope and "gave" it to the flight crew to hold until I arrived in LA.
But, hell, I had just had one of the best surf trips ever, so even some tropical disease would have been OK!!
I don't think we know just how lucky we are to be able to travel through -40 degree air at 40,000 feet at 500 miles per hour, only to bitch about some airport that doesn't have it's feces together!
Air travel is one of the best things the human race has to hold itself together. After all, the parts we are so dissatisfied with, all occur ON THE GROUND!

I love KLAS, California airport. The worst airports can be found in asia where even sanitory conditions are not well.

shawn a:
KLAS is McCarren airport in Las Vegas, Nevada.
You can lose the last bit of your money playing slot machines while waiting for your flight.
I did.


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