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October 23, 2009
"Sadly, Heathrow remains firmly entrenched as the airport the world loves to hate," - Jonathan French, Priority Pass.
London's Heathrow Airport has been voted the worst airport in the world for the second year running in a poll of 14,500 frequent fliers.

  Singapore's Changi was again ranked as the best.

The survey participants, all member of airport lounge programme Priority Pass, rated Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport as the world's second worst with Los Angeles Airport coming third despite a recent USD$1 billion overhaul.

"A result that suggests anyone wanting a romantic break in Paris should avoid the Heathrow-Charles de Gaulle route if they don't want to kill the mood," said a statement from Priority Pass.

"Sadly, Heathrow remains firmly entrenched as the airport the world loves to hate," added Jonathan French, head of brand for Priority Pass.

Also coming in the bottom five in the online poll were Frankfurt and Miami airports.

One of the few major countries whose travellers did not put Heathrow at or near the bottom of the list was the United States. US fliers rated Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York JFK as the worst.

At the other end of the scale, the poll conducted in September among fliers from 160 countries found that Singapore Changi topped the list of the world's best airports followed by Hong Kong.

This was the second consecutive year that these airports have come in the top two slots.

The favourite airport in Europe was Amsterdam Schiphol.

Put your vote in for your worst experience.
Mine was Orly Airport Paris.
We had a BA flight out to London and the French police at the ticket check in all went to lunch with grins on their faces and the plane had to depart without most of the passengers. BA then had to send a second aircraft to get us.

I definitely agree with Changi as being the top airport. Also Schipol, no argument there! I definitely did not like CDG too much when I was in France. As far as other European airports go, Rome's airport is a bit poor and Frankfurt was just too sterile. Kinda efficient in a way only Germans can appreciate, I guess.

I would have put LAX at the top of the worst airports. Never had anything good to say about that place, so better left unsaid then!

I was talking to a guy I know that lived and worked in LA for five years.
He said that prior to 911, they could only clear the departure people to the gates with what is known as "curbside check ins".
This was officials doing check ins as you arrived by taxi and hustling you through.
Right after 911 when America became paranoid this practise ceased for some years and departing LA became diabolical to the extent that many flights can't even get away for hours.

In my experience, it wasn't so much security that caused issues; I can't contrast LAX with any pre-2002 experience.

When I've been through there it was mostly flight delays when the aircraft was right out there and ready for boarding. The problem was that the shuttle-bus service was not directly owned by LAX. They had their own schedules and work-hour management. I'd be waiting at the departure lounge, but not able to board at the allotted time because there were no shuttle buses available. An empty bus would drive by on a number of occasions, but not be allowed to pick us up. The driver would cite some union rule or whatever. Frustrating, to say the least!


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