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--- Quote from: Globetrotter on April 21, 2007, 02:06:16 PM ---The Puerto Argentino Airbase, that was the target of many missions, was never hit, not even once.
The Argentines used a trick against the Brits. Argentines put "mountains" of dirt on the sequence of the bombs would make, so that satellite or recc planes would see that they have made the runway out of service. But when they saw the Pucaras, that took off from P.A., they went back and bombed... but we did the same again.

I know it must be difficult for you to believe.....

And the Vulcans, they said that was better if they were shot down here that if they had to pay the fuel for them to go back to the junk yard... cause they were very near the end of their lifes

--- End quote ---

That's interesting, what I want to know of how much of it is myth, and how much of it is truth. It's a good tactic, but don't you think a good image analysist would see the difference between a pile of dirt and a bomb crater? It may have caused some confusion, but these people can see the difference between a truck loaded with just some pipes and a truck loaded with missile containers. And how easy are bomb craters of misses to disguise. Also, you have to know how many bombs were dropped, if 20 were dropped and you can 30 piles of dirt, it's a bit suspicious don't you think. At least, they must have thought something was wrong the second time. I can see this tactic work in WWII, but in 1982.... :-\ And as you say, it was the target of many missions, so it's not that they thought it was destroyed. The story might be true, I can believe it, but I doubt that it a very effective tactic.

The other thing you say is just nonsense, maybe some public or media said that as a matter of showing how close it was to retirement, but the crew is more worth than the fuel, no air force would ever consider such a thing, not to mention the political effect of having one of your heavy bombers shot down or crashed on a combat mission. There's also the loss of sensitive equipment. If fuel was really that big a problem, they would have removed equipment and ditched them from Ascension island, don't you think.

Please don't be offended, any war has its myths. Some tactics that are said to have been used a lot and with great effect, often are myths based on a single mission with limited success, if not failure, but with a lot of bravery and wit. I am sure Alyster knows quite a few of these kind of stories from WWII.  ;) What other myths/stories are there for the Falklands War?

I am not offended, I was prepared for it ;)

About the Vulcans, thats just what those old magazines of mine say... maybe not all true, but I believe they referred to the aircraft itself, obviously not the people... ::) I know, I didn't express me correctly :-\

There is another story... and this is a good one and 100% true, I can say that


RAF released image, of Port Stanley/Puerto Argentino, after the Vulcan run. As you can see, the bomb run cuts across the airfield, to make sure it is hit. Clearly bomb craters in my opinion. Not mountains of dirt in my opinion. So I don't believe it, it's a propaganda story.

However, it looks easy to be repaired/prepared for the Pucaras to use it again though. At least until the two waves of Harrier and naval shelling attacks the next day.

And back on those Vulcans, they flew from Ascension island, not from Brazil. One Vulcan diverted to Rio due to refuel problems, one AGM-45 Shrike missile aboard, which the Brazilians seized. Vulcans were not deployed with blue steel missiles, which was not fully developed and was retired already. The UK could have deployed WE177 smaller freefall nukes and were close to introducing the Polaris. Luckily, the conflict never went to that stage.

well, I don't think it is impossible to simulate the craters, but its ok, we will never find the truth out, so let it be like a story, it is up to you to believe it or not, I just told it to you.

The vulcans, I didn't say they were armed, the Blue Steel just got to my head, thinking on a Nuclear missile, yes, sure I could have written any nuclear bomb... I just didn't know the Polaris or WE177. And , however, the Braziliand helped :-\

Would you like the next story?

(Polaris is sealaunched by the way, subs.)

Ok, bring on the next story.  :)


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