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25 years ago

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Tomorrow, April 2nd, there will be 25 years between us and the arrival of Argentine troops to the Malvinas Islands, considered as the begining of the Malvinas war.

I don't expect comments, neither I'll make any, it is just to remember and to honor the ones who died from both sides. I hope you don't see this as a provacative message, but understand my real intention, this post hasn't got any other intention than remember from those who fought and died there.

a tear for them all...

My god.. 25 years


--- Quote from: Gripen on April 02, 2007, 08:09:59 AM ---My god.. 25 years

--- End quote ---

Argentine people still remember it as if it was one or two years ago. And I am proud of that. I hope we never forget, for not doing the same mistakes...

The Brits would remember it becuase Argentina sunk a few British ships and the world remembers it because Britain sunk the General Belgrano with a nuke powered sub. .wich was the first nuke sub to sink another ship?

I think it was.

BTW, that was a crime of war, as it is called, because our ship was out of the exclusion zone, and they or we couldn't sunk or shoot down anything outside the borders of the exclusion zone. But I guess war is like that :-\


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