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Australia loses another soldier on active duty.


19th July 09
An Australian soldier has been killed in Afghanistan by an explosive device.

A second Australian digger was seriously wounded in the explosion, along with three Afghan civilians, including an eight year-old boy, defence says.

The incident took place during an operation "against a compound of interest" in the Baluchi Valley, Chief of Defence Force Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston told a press conference in Canberra on Sunday morning.

The soldier was on his first deployment to Afghanistan but had previously served in East Timor.

Air Chief Marshal Houston described him as a "brave and dedicated" soldier who was "operationally experienced and highly skilled".

"He died ensuring that terrorist groups do not have Afghanistan as a base from which they can plan and mount attacks."

The wounded soldier had undergone surgery for "life-threatening wounds" and was now in a stable condition.

Thoughts are with his family.
Stand at ease mate.


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