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Best Navy in World War 2


What was the best navy in the world during World War II.

Take into account number of ships, personel, ship quality, combat effectiveness, command structure etc...

Explain your answer

(if you can think of any others, let me know and i will add them)

I voted for the RAN (Royal Australian Navy)

I know it wasn't the biggest or the most powerful, but they worked their a*sses off protecting us, protecting others, protecting themselves and of course helping win the war. We had a good realtionship with the USN, and we even fought alongside them in battles.

And we suffered some massive casualites, think the HMAS Sydney and the Kormoran(i think) battle just of the coast of West Australia.

Sorry Gripen, but what does the fall of Australia mean in the bigger picture?  ;D

Royal Navy for it's long and hard battles to protect England and the convoys coming from the US. 

Maybe I should have given my vote to USN for the convoys  ::) but then again they fought for shorter time then RN.

Ah, the RAN was protecting Australia, PNG or somewhere, and we were protecting Australian goods convoys to England, North Africa (when we were there) and protecting the fishing fields or someting down near Antartica.. and we fought alongside the US at Coral Sea.

So considering what we had and how big our Navy was, i think it was good. 

oh btw, our Navy was the 5th largest in the world at the end of world war 2


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