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Could France and England produce an aircraft carrier together?


Could some day Rafale's and or a carrier version Typhoon carry out operations together off the same flight deck?  I'm trying to say this in a neutral way but could two strong minded governments really pull this off?  Who would command?   Who would chose what missions it goes on?  What happens if the two owning governments disagree?   I see problems here that might be difficult to get pasted or worked out.  Beside the pro's of sharing the cost I would like to see a list of pro's and con's on this should be interesting.  Could the Typhoon by carrier capable with a little redesign? 


It wont happen.

Leadership Problems
Plane and Personnel Problems
Costing Problems

and France still hasnt forgiven the UK for destroying the French Battleships in whatever harbour it was during world war 2 after France fell to Hitler

Right, that about the planes won't happen. But the cooperation on the development of the carrier class will happen. UK is very determined to get those two carriers. And France would never give up this capability even if the country was almost broke and the Charles de Gaulle is getting old.

With the JSF on board, the RN doesn't really have a Naval Typhoon requirement until there's a very cold war again. Until then you'll see even the number of JSF on board being limited to accomodate more helicopters. Only then, I believe they will be seriously looking at a naval version, and then, maybe, maybe, instead of going Super Hornet or get more JSF, they might maybe, if France is nice on the price and tech share, chance of 1/1000000000000 get some Rafales, providing they are not stupid enough to mess with the Typhoon design.


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