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Desert Storm - Belgian Mirage V BA "Diyarbakir Express"


As known, Turkey contributed Operation Desert Storm, by opening her air bases including Adana - ─░ncirlik to US led Coalition Forces. Some Coalition Air Units were deployed in ─░ncirlik, Erhac and Diyarbakir air bases. Among them was 18 Belgian Air Force Mirage V BA's of 8th Squadron (8 Jagerbommenwerperssmaldeel) from 3rd Tactical Wing (3 Tactische Wing). These Mirage V's conducted CAP sorties along Turkish - Iraqi border area.

One of those Mirage V BA's carry a very interesting Nose-Art...

The Mirage V BA flown by 1st Lt. Didier Lecqeux has a paint job written "Diyarbakir Express" in the nose section of the aircraft, in memory of the days spent in Diyarbakir. The "BA 54" retired from operational service in January 1994 and eventually sold to France. I don't have further info on the current situation of the aircraft.

Here are the photos of Diyarbakir Express:

Very interesting. I have unfortunately no further information either. To be totally honest I wasn't even aware of the Belgian Mirage V contribution to the coalition.  :-[  Thanks for this. Do you have any photos of the Mirages in Turkey during the Gulf War?

Well I'm still searching.. There is very limited accurate information regarding the Coalition deployment in Turkey. As far as I know there was a squadron of German Luftwaffe Alpha Jets and Netherlands F-16A/B's in Incirlik and Erhac (Not 100% sure though). I will dig up my old Turkish aviation magazines of the period in the weekend.

According to the site, Mirage V's deployed to Turkey were as follows:

9 x Mirage 5BA, 8. Sqn
1 x Mirage 5BD, 8. Sqn
8 x Mirage 5BR, 42. Sqn


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